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Alicia Ricafrente

Community Representative

Alicia is a co-founder and former president for UniPro San Diego (Pilipino American Unity for Progress, San Diego Chapter) where they facilitate workshops, attend conferences, and collaborate with groups to work on events related to the Filipino Culture and other issues that may impact the Filipino American Community. When she’s not doing anything with UniPro San Diego, Alicia assists wherever she is needed in Silk Road Productions. Be it as part of the planning, organizing, or day of execution in the many events they produce or support in, such as the D6 Night Market, Padres Filipino Heritage Night, Asian Pacific Islander Day at the San Diego Fair, Fangaea, the Ramen Festival and more.

As part of their FilAmVote program, Alicia is the secretary for NaFFAA 10 (National Federations of Filipino American Associations Region 10), a member of Silayan Filipina and a Board member for PiNuPsi, a Filipino Community Sorority that educates and finds ways to help young woman be more engaged within the community.

Alicia volunteers and works the way she does, because she wants to remind everyone, that the word UNITY, is part of the word commUNITY. Progress means something different for everyone, and we shouldn’t have work alone to make it happen. You Are Not Alone.

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